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The Hall Family


"What a blessing I received as a result of my experience with CRS and their service! My hot water tank stop producing hot water and began making a horrible sound. My husband and I were really in a bind because our homeowners insurance had lapsed, therefore All Cost would be out of pocket! After quotes topping the 5,000 dollar range and different suggestions by several reputable companies I was exhausted and still without hot water! Going into our second week of bird baths and boiling water, my husband placed a call to CRS. The technician dispatched was extremely knowledgeable of our aging system and truly our hero. Not only did he discover that it was only a circuit and plug issue, but he fixed it and gave us a solution that other companies hadn't even evaluated. Because of his genuine care and concern for his clients, my husband and I were spared unnecessary cost and headache! Thank You CRS for not taking my already empty pocketbook for a ride! We will definitely be using your services for future needs!"

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